3 Ways to Get Traffic On Your Blog Without Writing Articles.

Recently Some of the readers of my blog asked me about maintaining the blog’s traffic when you are not writing articles or posts. But if you want your blog to maintain traffic without doing anything it is impossible.

So Is there any trick? No! You just have to do some work to maintain your traffic but that is not a work of 5 or 10 minutes, you have to work hard for some time and you will get results for some time. There is no method that will pay you traffic forever because others are doing hard work daily.

There is another reason for that Seo is always evolving, It is never going to stay the same.

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First of all, you need to make your blog’s base strong. For that, you must focus on Google ranking factors and make your article according to that. On-Page Seo is very important and no one can rank without On-Page SEO.

If you have done these two things you can make your blog maintain the traffic.
Off-Page SEO is very important for maintaining the blog’s traffic after article writing and on-page Seo. I think it is only Off-Page SEO that is maintaining your blog’s traffic.

Here 3 Ways to Get Traffic On Your Blog Without Writing Articles.


1. Share your Blog Post on Social sharing.


If you want to increase your traffic without doing nothing then social sharing is the best. If you have lots of followers on Facebook, twitter or you have a Facebook page with a lot of likes then social sharing is best for you. It’s simple “more the number of likes or followers you got more will be your traffic”.

Social Sharing has a great power that can bring a lot of traffic within a few minutes if used correctly.
Lots of bloggers are using social sharing as targeted traffic even the one that knows nothing about on-page SEO or off-page SEO is getting amazing traffic with this simple traffic. Social sharing is best for those who don’t know about On-page SEO or Off-page SEO i.e for newbies.


I also use social sharing for getting targeted traffic and I do. When I started using social sharing as targeted traffic and know what my traffic increased by 20% with just 14K likes on Facebook. Then I started using Twitter, Google+, and many others. It was just starting, So can you now guess the power of social sharing. Yes! it is easier and more beneficial than link building or off-page SEO.


2. Improving site/blog loading speed.

Do you like site with the low loading speed, If ‘YES’ you are not a human being, you are not from earth, you are alien.
Improving site loading speed can help you generate visitors but maintaining good loading speed is one of the difficult tasks. No blog can survive without good loading speed. Google loves this site with good optimization. Even Google will rank those sites because it tends to provide its user with the best experience.


All the people are not having good speed internet like me!!!! Because of this low internet speed, I don’t like the site with low loading speed. Sometimes I have to wait for them to load and you know the feeling “It sucks, really sucks” Therefore I don’t try to open them again. On the other hand, there are some sites that open/load so fast you can’t even imagine, Just click and access


3. Making Quality Backlinks

If you want to rank on Search Engine you have to make backlinks. But some of the people start backlinking in their own way even the blackhat which Google hates the most. Making backlinks does not mean making Quantity backlinks but it means making quality backlinks on websites related to your niche. Making backlinks at very fast speed is not the final way but having patience and making a few quality backlinks is the most effective way.
Note- Quantity backlinks are taken into consideration when you are working on an event.


I started many blogs and faced failures. The reason you can guess now – I made all backlinks within some days and you know what there is good traffic but only for some (2-3) months. I know having patience is not an easy task because working harder and not getting the result is even hard to tolerate.

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So these are some little things and most of the people do not remember because they don’t know what these little-little things can do.
However, if you have any query do not forget to comment below and you will get your query solved soon.

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