Backlinks for Event Blog: Make 1,00,000 links in 2 months.

Backlinks for Event Blog: Make 1,00,000 links in 2 months.

Do You Want To make 1,00,000 links in 2 months for Event Blog?

Backlinks for Event Blog has never been an easy task. Event blogging is a type of Blogging that is done on an event day. (Example:- Valentines Day). And Event blogging gives you an awful amount of money if you do it the right way because at the event’s day Search Volume of the keywords like ” Happy Valentines Day ” and Other Valentines Day Keywords are in lacs at that particular day or week.


For making backlinks you need to know the difference between Dofollow links and Nofollow links which I am assuming you know already but here is a quick guide.



It passes the link juice and google follows this link and eventually reaches our website, so it is more preferable than Nofollow.

<a href=””>BloggersFarm</a>



It does not pass the link juice and google does not follow it. SO it is considered only by humans and not by SERPs so it is a bad practice to make thousands of no follow backlinks to rank higher at SERPs.

A Nofollow link:

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>BloggersFarm</a>

Now that you are familiar with those let us start with our list of How to make 1000s of Backlinks for Event Blog in a short period.


Backlinks for Event Blog

#1: Find Dofollow links

Use Dropmylink to find dofollow blogs. And it doesn’t really matter if the blog content where you are commenting related to your niche blog or not.


  • Go to Dropmylink.
  • Select  “Comment Backlinks” from the dropdown of Category.
  •  Now Select “Do-Follow Comment” from Footprint Dropdown. (see the image below for reference)



#2: Backlinks on .govt and .edu sites

Here is the Footprint to Find. Govt Backlinks

  • “post a comment” -“You must be logged in” Your_keyword_without_quotes inurl:blog

What you need to do is just copy and paste this whole footprint in google search bar and you replace Your_keyword_without_quotes and then you will get .edu blogs on which you can comment to get backlinks for your event blog. Similarly, if you want .edu blogs by commenting on which you can get .Edu backlinks, you can use this footprint: “post a comment” -“You must be logged in” Your_keyword_without_quotes inurl:blog

#3: Be a Top Commentor on Commentor activated blogs

This is the best and easiest way to get bulk links in a short time. You can get sitewide links from this kind of blogs by just being the top commentator.

Sitewide links are the links that are given to any other site from every page of any site. For example, If I will add your link from the sidebar of my blog, you will get 1 link from every page and post of this site. So, the number of pages in this blog equals to links you got.

Though by commenting you get only nofollow links but some blogs have some special provisions for the top commentators. They give do-follow backlinks to the top commentators. I did research on that and found some blogs that are still giving do-follow backlinks to top commentators.


no Blog PR
1 PR5
2 PR4
3 PR4
4 PR3
5 PR3
6 PR3
7 PR3
8 PR3
9 PR3
10 PR3
11 PR3
12 PR3
13 PR3
14 PR2

 #5:  Build Backlinks Using Signature :

Many avoid this thing as one has to do a lot of work, but very fewer people know that Forums Signature links get indexed very quickly and they give do-follow backlinks which are of high quality.

#6: Craft Good Content even on event blog.

A Myth: In Event blogging, you don’t need good content. What you need is just 1000s of backlinks and you will make $$$.

I agree that you need a lot of links to rank higher at SERPs but still, you can’t win this race without having good content.

How People Do it

They copy the content from other blogs and do not even read what is written in it. Further, they do spam at a high pace which of course they regret later as google bans their Adsense. (You can fool a human but not google).

Summary for Backlinks for Event Blog:

So how to make thousands of links within a month. Isn’t there a trick? Well, There’s no trick like that. You can not just wave a magic stick and get your thousands of backlinks to build in a night. If you ask me, I also did not use any tick(because there is not any), no software, all I did is manual link building every day! Every day I was spending 3-4 hours just making Backlinks and moreover manual link building is far better than using a tool.

A Tip:

One little suggestion that I would like to give you is don’t ever buy backlinks from Fiverr gigs, they are just a waste of money and nothing else! And for any kind of Success, Hard-work, as well as Smart Work, is necessary; so use that rather than using shortcuts and wasting money.

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