Backlinks for long term blog: The Right ways to do it?

Backlinks for long term blog: The Right ways to do it?

When was the last time you made backlinks?


How many? 100’s of them?

If that is the case..then you are not doing it right, my friend. There are particular ways or strategies to be followed.

Because it’s much more different from your event blog and a little more complicated too. It is not like just going to websites and submit your links or leave a comment with the keyword as your anchor text.
Let us go through this basic guide which tells you the ways you should make backlinks on a long term blog:

Backlinks for long term blog.


Strategy #1: Maintain the number of backlinks you make in a day and a month.


Yes, Unlike micro-niche blogs, in these long term blogs, you need to keep in mind the number of backlinks you are making in a month.
Many bloggers just keep on making backlinks and if you ask them “How many backlinks did you make last month bro?” They say ” I don’t actually know, I made 1000s of them”.
Just go slow, there’s nothing to hurry.
I would recommend you make 10 backlinks in a day at a maximum which counts to 300 backlinks in a month.

Strategy #2: Maintain the ratio of anchor text.


Now, comes the second step. “The ratio”

To make you understand this deeply let me explain it with you an example.
See, in this post my keyword is “Backlinks for long term blog”. Remember you have to make 10 backlinks in a day.
So i will make 3 or maximum 4 with the anchor text “Backlinks for long term blog” and the 3 others by adding a word in front of your keyword or at the back of your keyword. For example, i will use “How to make Backlinks for long term blog”
Now, i will add another word to the left 3. For example, this time i will make it like this “Backlinks for long term blog: the beginner guide”.

Strategy #3: Article Submission/ Guest Posts.

can i write a guest post here

It is a cool way to get backlinks which are safe and not only backlinks, you draw a huge amount of traffic from the blog you are submitting your article at. What happens is when you write a guest post, people will start observing you and your posts on that blog and it will lead you a good amount of traffic.
What you have to do is just mail the owner of the blog and say to him in your mail that you want to write a guest post for him.
Wait for his reply and once he approves you, write a awesome content on his site but make sure you submit your article on a authority blog.

Strategy #4: Make Infographics and share them.


Make infographics and you can get backlinks from them offering people that they can use your infographic but with your name pinned to it. And as we know that infographics are cool, everyone will be dying to get it if you make it catchy enough.
For example you must have seen, Neil patel’s infographic on quicksprout. He openly offers us his infographic with his name pinned to it. See the image below:
Strategy #5: Write long posts for getting backlinks.
I know this sounds stupid.
Even when i got to know about it first i was also thinking how can one get a backlink by just writng a long post. But it is true indeed.
So overall, long posts have many uses and one can not ignore it. Speaking of google, If you search for anything on google then the posts of the blogs ranking on first page of google are all 2000+ words.

Strategy #6: Get Backlinks from images you make on your own.

There are 2 ways that you can get backlinks from your images.
1. Go on google images and upload your unique image there with you blog’s name on the image.
2. Submit your images on image directories websites to get backlinks.
Below are the list of image directories that you can use to get backlinks:

List of Image Directories

Did you find this article helpful? Please leave a comment below and let me know how did you find this article helpful and as always if i missed any points then you can list them below.
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