Devane Naan umathandaiyil song lyrics in English

Devane Naan umathandaiyil song Detail

  • Song:- Devane
  • Artist:- Sunantha
  • Album:- Anandhame

Devane Naan umathandaiyil song lyrics in English

O God, I am in thy bosom – nearer
My desire is to join the earth
I am on the top of the hard cross as Mavaliya Koram
Covey, hanging straight
I will eagerly join you…


1. Like Jacob, on the way – leisure
The darkness of the night came and closed
In my dream even though I was asleep leaning on the stone due to sleep
Nokiyummai Kitty Serven, Vakkatanga good Natha! – God…..


2. Like the steps to spread – my path will appear
God bless you, sir,
All that you graciously give me is your thigh
Wonderfully call me and make me an angel of love – God…..


3. Waking up from sleep – waking up in the morning
I will praise thee, O LORD;
In this case, your house is a stone’s throw away
I will still receive you through suffering – God…..


4. Anandamam spread the set – excited
Although ascended into the sky
Although flying across the sky
In the time of joy I will be forgotten – God….

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