29 Easy Google Ranking Factors You don’t Know.

29 Easy Google Ranking Factors You don’t Know.

If you want to rank your site on Google you must know what ranking factors are used by Google to rank a site. Most People just try to rank without knowing the factors and later on what happens, they fail.

So Let me tell you things about google factors that are not commonly known. Google uses a number of factors to rank a particular site. But the problem is SEO changes with time and also google ranking factors.

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The big problem – Seo is always evolving.

It is never going to stay the same and you got two choices at that time. You can also evolve with it or you can let the best things happen slip right through your finger.

Most people don’t realize why the SEO is so good or why the traffic from SEO is so good. But SEO is the best way by which you can get traffic and it is also the best form of advertising you can get on your blog.

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The simple reason for that you are putting yourself in the right place at the right time. it’s like you show up right when they are ready for you and they are active and looking to buy what you are offering.

It is the best advertising I have ever seen as far better than paid advertising.

Do you ever bother about Google ranking factors?

 If yes, then you must be knowing that Google users over 200 ranking factors in their algorithm. Due to such a long list of factors, everyone must be lacking in one or the other factor. But you are lucky because I have tried to make such a list that contains all the Google factors.


Domain Factors.

Factor #1: Domain Age

Yes, it is still the ranking factor of Google. Domains with old age have a better possibility of ranking on top of Google rather than the one that is not that much old. Google believes the domain on which other beliefs. So it will take time for Google to check that and for that, your domain must be old enough. But it is not that important.

So If you have enough budget then I might suggest you buy a premium domain with a clear history and a good reputation. It is going to make your work a lot easier and you will rank higher with this domain as you would from your newly bought domain in the beginning.

Factor #2: Keyword in Domain name.

Google still bolds the keyword that appears in the domain. So it proves that they use this factor to rank sites. It acts as a good signal for the websites having that searched keyword in their domain name.

Factor #3: First keyword in the domain.

The domain that starts first with the searched keyword has benefits over those having the keyword in the middle of the domain or at the and over those who didn’t have that keyword at all. It means if you have your domain first keyword as the targeted keyword your site will rank rather than others.

Factor #4: Domain registration length

This is often considered as one of the ranking factors. Legitimate domains are paid for years whereas illegitimate for just about a year or more. The date on which a particular domain expired can be used as one of the factors used.

So if you were trying to buy a domain for a year, extend its length, maybe 5 yrs or 10yrs – this will help you rank higher.

Factor #5: Keyword in Subdomain

It is not that important but Moz’s panel agreed that keyword in subdomain boost up the rank
For example “Keyword.yourblog.com”.

Factor #6: Domain History

A site together with risky property (via whois) or maybe various falls might tell Google to “reset” your site’s record, killing links directed towards your site. This is an important ranking factor that decides whether your site will rank in the future or not.

Factor #7: Exact Match Domain (EMD)

I think you already know about it. Most of the event blogs are EMD and have better chances over Non-EMD to rank.
For example “Keyword.com” This is a case of EMD which contains the targeted keyword.

Factor #8: Private or Public Whois

Are you shocked, but it is true? You can check everything on the sites with public whois but Private whois shows that you are hiding something and Google doesn’t like that.

Factor #8: Private or Public Whois

Are you shocked, but it is true? You can check everything on the sites with public whois but Private whois shows that you are hiding something and Google doesn’t like that.

Factor #9: Penalized Whois owner

In case the search engines recognize a person to be a spammer or any other suspect, they would look at various other sites owned by that individual because if a site is a spam then there is a greater possibility that the other sites may also be spam.

Factor #10: Country TLD Extension

Did you ever see some sites with .in, .cn, .ca, .uk and a lot more. Actually, it helps that particular site to rank for that particular country because of the extension it uses but simultaneously it reduces the rank globally i.e. the site can rank for that country but not globally.

Page-Level Factors.

Factor #11: Keyword in Title Tag

This is considered as one of the important Google ranking and on-Page SEO factor. Therefore Keyword in the title tag is very important for Google to rank any site.

Factor #12: First keyword in the Title tag

According to MOZ data, the site with titles that starts first with keyword rank better than others with the keyword in middle or at the end of the title tag.

Factor #13: Keyword in description tag

It is another Google ranking and SEO factor but not that important for Google but still helps to rank.

Note- Do not ignore the factors that are not that important for GOOGLE. Everything makes a difference even a single factor can help you to rank on the first page of GOOGLE.

Factor #14: Keyword in H2 tag

H2 is the second title tag. Still considered as an important factor for GOOGLE but most of the people tend to follow their own factors and did not rank.

Factor #15: Content length

Google loves those sites where there is sufficient data to show the users. If you are a blogger then you must be knowing Niel Patel-The the founder of Quicksprout, Kissmetrics, and Crazy Egg. Even the about us page of quick sprout has over 2000 words.

So article lengthy articles.

Factor #16: Keyword Density

Keyword density is the percentage of a keyword that appears on a webpage as compared to the total no. of words. It helps Google to determine the topic of that page.

Factor #17: Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords (LSI)

I think this is very important because it helps Google to extract more than one meaning from a word. This helps Google to determine the quality of an article. Thus use synonyms for your targeted keyword.
For example, Apple may be considered as a fruit

Factor #18: LSI keyword density in Title and Description Tag

The site with LSI keyword in their title and description tags tends to perform better than a site without these keywords. This also acts as a relevancy signal.

Factor #19: Page Loading Speed

You also must be considering this as an important factor. Both Google and Bing use this to determine the quality of a site. Search engine spiders can easily estimate your site loading speed and send the report to search engines.

Factor #20: Duplicate Content

The most terrible mistake according to meme is copying someone else’s content. You can never rank with duplicate content. Article spinning is nowadays at the peak. Some even rank with duplicate content for some time but this does not continue for long.

Factor #21: rel=canonical

When you have two pages exactly the same but with different URLs then which one of these should Google rank. What this technique does is combines two exactly the same pages. This can also improve your ranking but not considered an important factor because it is not a regular case.

Factor #22: Page loading speed (chrome)

Google chrome is a property of Google. Therefore Google also uses Chrome user data to determine the page loading speed of a site.

Factor #23: Image Optimization

This can make huge traffic. Who knows if your image is ranking on google. Google loves Optimized images, therefore, use a correct file name, anchor text, description, and all.

Factor #24: Updated content

Do you know about Google Caffeine update? This update favors the updated content. This shows that recently updated content rank over those which are not updated for months or years.

Factor #25: Magnitude of Content Update

Updating only a few words of your article does not go to make any difference at all. Thus update your article with at least one paragraph and see the results if you see any update.

Factor #26: History of updated pages

Google also determines ranking by checking the history of updated pages. Thus update your pages again and again with useful information.

Factor #27: Keyword in top 100 words

Making a keyword to appear in the first 100 words also plays an important role in determining rankings of a page.

Factor #28: Subheading tags

Making your keyword appear in H1, H2 and H3 tags act as a relevancy signal.

Factor #29: keyword optimization

Always use the title which a user can search because an exact searched keyword with your title will generally boost the ranking.

SEO – Where to begin

Black hat is undetectable

Lots of people have this concept of black hat and everybody is really concerned about what hat are you or what had you do.
If you do black hat it is undetectable and it is the way you go. Right? So let’s talk about grey and white hat.

In transportation the equivalent of white hat would be walking whereas the equivalent of Grey hat would be driving a fast car and getting in trouble for it and equivalent of black hat would be driving a fast jet and getting where you need to go before and you were there before anyone knew what happens but later on getting into a big problem.

So that’s my interpretation of hats.

If you are doing stuff that you don’t suppose and you know you are gonna caught, Why even do that type of work, Why wear that color hat. Like I said before the Black hat is truly undetectable and there is only one rule about the black hat that I have and it is “Don’t get caught”

If you are doing stuff where you are not going to catch, you are invisible and So who cares what color you hat is and that’s the first thing to do with SEO.

Further, if you want to learn black hat SEO then Mathew Woodward is best at it, you must really read his tutorials.

Power of Observation

I don’t listen to what everybody says I always go back to the results and use the power of observation. And this really teaches me just about everything I need to know and also very well predicts the future.

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