How To Decrease Bounce Rate: All You Need To Know(7 Factor)

How To Decrease Bounce Rate: All You Need To Know(7 Factor)

Do you know the bounce rate is also considered as a Google Ranking Factor? It is very important how your visitors respond to your webpages.

If you have a low Bounce Rate that is good, But if you have high Bounce Rate you know what I mean! Hey! you are lucky to have this article published. Just go through this and you will learn How To Decrease Bounce Rate Efficiently and Smartly.

What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce Rate is the percentage of single-page sessions (i.e. sessions in which the person left your site from the entrance page without interacting with the page)

You must have seen bounce your bounce rate in Google Analytics. Generally its quite high for the newbies.


Bounce rate

Why Your Bounce Rate Is High?

Many factors contribute to your high bounce rate but we will go through only the important.

Factor #1 Slow Load Time

What will you do if you open a webpage and it is taking a lot of time to open. You surely will look for the other. That is the main reason for the high bounce rate of most of the bloggers.

Factor #2 Content-Length

Short article i.e. short length article. Google-like long article because the user tends to leave short article more quickly. Hence you will see a low bounce rate if you have a long article.

A user tends to leave a webpage if he didn’t found what he is looking for, Long article often gives the visitor what he is looking for, and as a result your bounce rate decreases.

Factor #3 Difficult to Use

What will you do if you can’t use a webpage efficiently? Yeah! Everyone will leave that webpage instantly.

Thus If a user found a webpage difficult to use or navigate he will surely leave that page and this results in a high bounce rate.

Factor #4 Content Quality

“Content is the king” You heard it right? Good content always matters.

If you offer so many mistakes to visitors on a single page he would try to close your page as fast as he can.

Factor #5 Pop-Ups

A pop-up with good timing can also result in good conversion, more traffic, and more subscription.

But Pop-ups with bad timing can result in I really don’t like any kind of popups. It distracts my mind. Sometimes I really forgot what I was doing.

Factor #6 Poor Website Design

Try to call some of your friends and ask them about your website design. Do they really like it?

It doesn’t mean just your website look. A good website design must appeal to visitors to do some action,

Factor #7 Mobile Friendly

This is now considered as a Google Ranking Factor. Now you can think about how important it is.

I like the mobile-friendly site while I work on a mobile. It surely offers a good experience. Webpages that are not mobile-friendly have to zoom in or out and I don’t like that. This is the case with many of the users and mobile-friendly site results in a low bounce rate.

How to Decrease Your Bounce Rate
If you have adopted all these tweaks you must be watching your bounce rate decreasing with time and increasing your conversion rate.

Let me know if I left anything above by commenting below with your answer. How else you can decrease your bounce rate.

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