How to get started to write the first blog post?

How to get started to write the first blog post?

Easy Way to get started to write the first blog post.

I started this blog in a very exciting mood but when I sat down to write the first Post of this blog, I couldn’t figure out where to start from. And I think this might be the case of yours as well. It can be very annoying sometimes to write the first post because it is very easy to buy a domain but when it comes to writing a Post, I get a severe headache. What I want to say is writing the first Post annoys me and many more bloggers and this post is for them.

So How did I start writing this Post?

I bought a domain and hosted it but when I tried writing a Post, my mind went blank. Actually, I thought a lot about the Post, its title, but couldn’t come up with something. I was stuck. I was thinking about whether I should start writing about SEO or backlinks or how to write content.

When I made a decision about the topic then I thought what would I write, how will I start and it was all because of my nervousness. These were my experiences when I sat down to write the first Post. It took time to get me here, to write this post but I know the reasons why this happened to me and if you feel the same way then I guess I can help you with that.

So here I am listing some of the tips that you must follow while writing your first Post:

1)Do not overthink: Stay Relaxed.

Yeah! Actually, I was overthinking by thinking of how will I start, what would I write in the first paragraph, how would I introduce my Post in the first paragraph. Now what you have to do is stop thinking about this rubbish! There’s nothing to worry about what would you write in the Post.

It is a fear that every blogger had faced when he was a newbie but you will have to overcome this fear in order to succeed. And if you really want to impress your audience then read my Post.

How did I attract 1000s of the audience to my blog?

(I updated this Post later so don’t think that I was making the fool of yours because of that internal link provided above)

Note: It is important to stay relaxed while writing a Post so that you can frame new and unique ideas.

2)Decide what you want to write about.

Now that you have stopped thinking that rubbish so we are ready to move on. And if you are still thinking that, then you might come back later here when you stop thinking about that because there is no use of reading further if you did not follow the first step.

So its time to decide what you have to write on. First, decide the category, and choose a category that you are professional in so that your audience can see your professionalism at the very beginning of your blog. And as you stay in this blogosphere you will gradually be professionals in many more categories and there will be more options left open for you to write about to show your professionalism.

Now that you have chosen your category lets frame a Post within that category. Frame a Post with content that a person will barely find on the internet as I have done because I don’t think that there are many Posts about the first post of a new blog.

3) Start writing the Post: Just go with the flow.

Not let us lay our hands on our keyboard to write a nice Post. But how do we do that?

For the beginners who have not written many posts, I would say just go with the flow means follow your heart, what it tells you to write whether it’s your experience, your struggle, your source of motivations. Let them out in such a way that it touches the reader’s heart like the way I am doing now by touching yours. Have a good collaboration of mind and heart. As soon as your heart says something that you should write about, analyze it in your mind and type it using your keyboard as soon as possible. Let me tell if your follow your heart, it’s the best formula that you can ever get because usually, your heart will tell you something that will touch your readers’ hearts too in most of the cases. Here, I am also doing the same. Its a game of 1 millisecond, I am just typing in my keyboard continuously without thinking much and so following my heart.



I am not saying that writing Posts recklessly(without thinking), I am just saying that bloggers have forgotten to follow their hearts in this SEO race world. Make yourself different from all other bloggers by this trick. And if you want to get deeper in this topic Read the following:

Also Read: How I touched my 1000s of readers’ hearts by the following mine.

4)Do not stuff in your Post the unnecessary parts.

I am not talking about the keyword stuffing here, I am talking about content that is not needed in your Post. Usually what bloggers do is forget their title and get diverted from their path which makes the audience gets bored. So in order to write just more and more where even it is not needed is going to make your Blog a bad reputed-blog. That is why I have not talked about SEO yet because this Post is to tell you guys how to write a Post and not the SEO part. And my Post title does not allow me to talk about SEO.

5)Insert some catchy images that are your own.

Think it of this way, if I had moved all the images here, Was it going to have the same effect? Of course no, so this step is also important while writing a Post. And the irony is you have to create your own. ” What the hell? I am never going to do that” Perhaps you would have just made this statement out but let me tell you its not that much hard.

Actually, you will have to edit some of the nice images according to your needs. Why do this?

The answer is To get backlinks!! Yes, edit those images and share them on to the sites which are made for this purpose only. Get the complete list by clicking here:

6)Do On-page SEO in the correct way.

To finish this Post, you got to do proper on-page SEO to tell Google what your Post is about. There is a plugin in WordPress for this task and it is the plugin that every single blogger might be using in this world. It will ask you to write a description, your focus keyword, and your SEO title. Think properly and then write because this is what defines your Post.

Congrats!! You have written a Blog Post successfully. But do you feel confused about whether it’s going to touch you readers’ hearts or not?

So this was my first post about How to Write a First Post for newbies. If you liked it, do not forget to share it with your friends.



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