Where To Share New Blog Post After Publishing To Skyrocket Share Count in 2020.

Where To Share New Blog Post After Publishing To Skyrocket Share Count in 2020.

Everyone wants traffic on their website. There are many methods to get high-quality traffic. The best way is to use SEO, Social Media, and content marketing together to get very good results. But today we would discuss only Social Media Sharing. Writing quality content is not enough. You have to use your brain to make your blog successful. And promoting your blog is even tougher than writing a good quality post. You can't even think the power of social media and its benefits You should be using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. And after promoting on these sites you got relaxed thinking your work is done. And now you want your share count to skyrocket expect it doesn't. Isn't it right? Do not fear this anymore because you are here and you will get the best tips I personally use to promote my blog on different sites. But first why you share your blog post? Because you want to tell your targeted audiences that there is a new blog post live on your blog. If people are interested you will get traffic. Let us say you promoted it on 50 different social media, bookmarking sites, and all that you can do. If your content is of good quality and unique it will be shared further and further and surely your social count will skyrocket. Where To Share New Blog Post After Publishing To Skyrocket Share Count

So let us start our journey to "the sharing world".

#1 Facebook

Of course, Facebook is the best and easiest way to get good social traffic for anything. Most of the bloggers... No, All bloggers must be using it. But some of the bloggers assume that sharing just after publishing is enough and it is the only way. And they all are doing wrong. They all are just following one blind person who uses this strategy and this is not even a strategy at all. Create a Facebook Page on the name of your blog and start interacting with people and share your post there. Start focusing on getting likes because more the likes on your page more will be the traffic. Promote your page with Facebook ads and you will definitely see your traffic increasing. You can also use your Facebook profile to share the post and interact with users. Bonus Tip: Create a New group for your blog. Use this group for interacting with the audiences. Allow users to ask questions and answer steadily. Share your post according to the requirements of the group. Now, whenever you share a post in this group you can actually see traffic flow to your blog. For example: When a user asks for How to get do-follow links without buying them. Paste your link there.

#2 Twitter

Twitter is a good source of traffic for bloggers. It is a good idea to tweet your article multiple times, maintaining a reasonable gap of at least 12 hours or more. It will definitely increase your social shares also.
  • Share multiple time maintaining a gap of at least 12 hours.
  • Use Hashtags also to increase your audience reach.
  • Set up twitter cards for more engagement.
  • Do not share like a blinded person. Share the post that interest your audience.
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#3 Pinterest

Images are required for any article to make people take an interest. But are you using catchy images? If no, You should start using them right now. Pinterest is a visual social bookmarking site that can help to get traffic if you use good quality and catchy images on your blog. Try to pin your images to Pinterest with proper hashtags to pin them onto your niche related boards.

#4 Linkedin

Linkedin is famous amongst bloggers nowadays because it really drives targeted traffic. All the social sharing tools have Linkedin as one of the main sharing sites. This shows LinkedIn is important to place for sharing blog posts. I am also using Linkedin but I got banned many times. So first read their policies and then start using it.

#5 Google Plus

It would be only a foolish person who is not using Google Plus for sharing their blog post. Google Plus is the second-largest social networking site just after Facebook. If you want to make good use of Google Plus, make sure you share your post with a custom call-to-action message, and your share visibility is set to “Public”. And use both of your Google Plus page and Google Plus profile to share your post. Use hashtags to get targeted traffic. If you want to save your little time enable related hashtags option on your setting. This will automatically create valuable hashtags to your post. Bonus Tip: Google Plus Communities Join relevant google plus communities that suite you are nice. So whenever you publish a new post share it to Google Plus Communities to get even more targeted traffic.

#6 StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a social bookmarking site. You can get a good amount of traffic using StumbleUpon if used correctly. StumbleUpon may not work with all types of content, but if your content is selected by many users, it can drive a good amount of traffic. Use good hashtags and descriptions to make your blog rock at StumbleUpon. You can also see instant traffic (like magic) after bookmarking your latest post at StumbleUpon.

#7 Email Newsletter

Maybe the most important for the method to get a very good targeted amount of traffic. If anyone signed your newsletter it means he is interested in your blog and wants to get the latest updates. There is a number of tools that help you like FeedBurner, Mailchimp, AWeber, mail munch, etc. I would suggest you choose the tool which allows automation. For example, If you are using Feedburner for email-marketing, you do not need to worry about sharing your latest post manually. Comment below if I left anything with your answer and do not hesitate to ask us anything.  

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