Why My Blog is Failing – Warning Signs That You Should Not Ignore.

Why My Blog is Failing – Warning Signs That You Should Not Ignore.

Writing a blog does require a great deal of dedication and discipline along with the usual creativity and passion. You need to make sure that your blog is a source of web content that is inspirational and informative. A successful blogger is the one who is not only good at writing but also good in networking, marketing, and brainstorming.

However, there are few aspects that may not fetch you good results and you must realize that your blog is failing when the following signs come over.

Why my blog is Failing?

risk failure in blog


Taking No risks

It is often seen that people who take risks are successful in their lives and the same is in blogging. If you are not afraid to lose anything your blog will be definitely successful. Taking no risks means nothing. Unless and until you start taking the risk you won’t be getting anything. If you are afraid to take the risk then find something easy to do.

Irregular Postings

It is very often that the bloggers turn out a good amount of content in the first few weeks and then start neglecting for the next few days or even weeks. Imagine yourself at your reader’s place and feel if you see the same content on a blog each time you visit it, wouldn’t it annoy you. It is better not to develop something that does not help readers regularly. Consistent postings should be your primary concern when starting a blog.

Lack of Passion

If it is quantity, even the quality cannot be compromised. Make sure to write meaningful prose instead of merely filling in content to boost traffic. The simple way to judge the quality is to read it yourself. If you cannot get excited about what you read, do not expect the same from your readers too.

Mind-numbing and Useless Content

Simply restating a news story or a trending topic is never going to help. This will not help you connect with the readers. There is an ocean of sites where the readers will get information on such topics. Make sure you spin the topic in your own style to give it a unique outlook. This is what will give them a reason to stick to your blog. Ask questions, share experiences, and solicit comments to build a relationship with your readers.

Insufficient Promotion

It is impossible for the readers to find you if you do not promote your blog. The web is flooded with content and this is the reason that you may not be noticed on the web even if you write the best. So, it becomes essential for you to promote yourself through aggregators, social media, and comments on blogs with a similar niche.

Inconsistent Traffic Metrics

Whether you like it or not, your blog is successful not by your proficient writing but by the popularity it gains among the audience. If one day you do not get any traffic or comments and very few for several days ahead, this simply means that your write-ups are not touching the readers adequately. you may also come to know about the falling traffic by short visitor times on your blog, major traffic landing on your blog from other sources, or a low number of ‘likes’ on Facebook and ‘following’ on Twitter.

Setting Limitations

It is true that setting realistic goals are important. However, you need to make sure they should not be limited to the level that it stifles your growth. Blogging is amazing because the sky’s the limit. So, never limit yourself when it comes to setting expectations and in turn, start working on efficient strategies.

These are the simple alerts that show that your blog is failing over time. And be sure not to ignore any one of them because all these affect your traffic and ranking over Google.

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